Talaverse is a “Green project launcher” platform powered by Non-Fungible Tokens designed to leverage carbon offsetting businesses. Utilizing the traceability and smart contract built in NFTs, TALAVERSE aims to create a prudent and transparent green projects. Each project will be screened and verified by TALAXEUM’s team and Independent Reviewer for project security and authenticity. For each approved green project, a group of NFTs will be minted, classified as a BLOCK in Talaverse. Each BLOCK in Talaverse will consist of SHARDS representing the right of ownership to be part of the BLOCK. Each shard of the block represents a single NFT

The mechanism of the project can be commercial and non profit. With commercial projects, a fixed percentage from the project must be redistributed back to each shard periodically. Owner of Talaxeum shard will earn rewards based on percentage of income earned from the business. Talaxeum does not promise the continuity of any commercial project as the project may be terminated if it incurs losses beyond discretionary range (as listed on each project’s term and condition). When a project is terminated only the passive income utility will be deactivated. The BLOCKS & SHARDS will remain in TALAVERSE.

The NFTs will be tradable P2P since inception but its passive income feature will come naturally the moment the project make its first buck. The funding of each project may be channeled in stages with escrow model to reduce risk. Each project will be held responsible to update its progress to earn its next stage of funding. TALAXEUM will perform audit and work hand in hand to oversee the operation

*Block = NFT collection from a single project*Shard = a single NFT from a particular block


Quick Start Guide



Supporter purchases shards NFT from available blocks listed on the TALAVERSE platform



Pooled funds will be converted to fiat where the project will then start from its inception with estimated first earning and updates along the way



Starting from its first earning date, the project will buyback its earning in form of TALAX and distribute them to every shard holders periodically according to the project’s whitepaper