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commercial and self-sustaining green ecosystem project

TALAXEUM is a blockchain-based currency & platform specializing in supporting green projects. Bringing together those who are interested in offsetting carbon footprints and those who work in the field of agro forestry in getting their projects launched through decentralized tokens. to build a sustainable and self- sustaining green business ecosystem for the future.


Talax multiple core use cases


We're looking for green projects that has either consistent funding or self-sustainable. All projects displayed on our platform will undergo screening from our team.


Stakers lock their TALAX and receive rewards based on the amount of TALAX staked. Percentage Yield for Talaxeum is a reasonable 8%/year.


All activities within the ecosystem will utilize TALAX as its main form of exchange including project leaders, supporters, other benefactors and beneficiaries. It may even be used to distribute wealth to locals working on a green project.



Talaxeum is a token that connects investors and project leader to its contributors be it projects in crypto space or ones that have real world application.


TALAX is built on Binance Smart Chain, which gives it the inherent security and transaction immutability derived from Binance.

Smart Contract Certification

Smart contract certification

By providing Transparent & Auditable Smart Contracts not only for token sale, token release but also vesting, funds & liquidity Talaxeum meets the common standard whereas Lock Token & Lock Liquidity in the blockchain ecosystem to avoid rug projects or scams

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meet our team

We are a teams of domain experts and problem solvers

Bambang Budi Tresno

Bambang Budi Tresno


Bambang is a partner-level accountant at the big accounting firm. Before his current position, he has had experience at other the big accounting firm and 15 years managing his firms. Bambang is a Certified Public Accountant in Indonesia, Certified Practicing Accountant in Australia, and ASEAN Chartered Professional Accountant (ACPA). Specializing in the field of assurance, Bambang has audited many firms from all kinds of industry ranging from mid-level firm to multinational scale corporations. Bambang will lend his expertise in TALAXEUM project and believe his expertise can support TALAXEUM tremendously.

David Prasetya

David Prasetya

Founder - IT Expert

David is a CEO at emveep.com, a company that is no stranger to blockchain technology. His many projects include successful Security Token Offering (STO) websites and Crypto exchange platforms that are currently in the market. David will lend his expertise at TALAXEUM.

Hans Sutanto

Hans Sutanto

Founder - Marketing Expert

Graduated from University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, he's founded multiple firms under his belt from F&B, trading, to manufacturing. He has also done his fair share of auditing multinational corporations in Indonesia. His passion for learning, clarity ofvision, and his adept communication skill is an irreplaceable asset in the creation of TALAXEUM.

Gun Gunawan

Gun Gunawan

Founder - Operation Expert

Gun has dabbled over 18 years of experience in ­financial technology. Working with many banks of international scale, he's lent his service in creating several ­financial products. Utilizing his Master of Management degree, Gunawan has been appointed directors of many different fi­rms. He's built and maintains many business networks over the past few years. Gunawan will lend his expertise at TALAXEUM.

Rizaldy Bhaskara

Rizaldy Bhaskara


Rizaldy is a multidisciplinary artist and designer with an educational background in anthropology and fine arts. Rizaldy is passionate about art, technology, and culture. Rizaldy spearheads TALAXEUM NFT projects in creating a platform where digital art become decentralized, accessible for everyone, and has tangible benefits for society, culture, and nature.

Mitha Amaranila Putri

Mitha Amaranila Putri


Mitha is an active volunteer in many green projects. Passionate in the field of forest preservation, she joined multiple organizations and helped kick started several green projects. Mitha will help manage Talaxeum's Green Projects team.


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June 2021
  • Concept and idea development begins

Quarter 4 2021

  • Reviewed by BDO Consultant Indonesia
Quarter 1-3 2022
  • Certified by CERTIK
  • Social media engagement
  • Website published


Quarter 1-3 2022
  • Staking platform development
Quarter 2-4 2022
  • Private placement
  • Private sale
  • DAO project launcher platform development
Quarter 4 2022 - 1 2023
  • IDO stage 1-5
  • Decentralized TALAXEUM
  • Platform enter development phase
Quarter 4 2022 - 2 2023
  • CEX Listing Planning
  • Collaborate with FIAT Crypto Exchanger
Quarter 1-3 2023
  • Decentralized TALAXEUM Platform trial run
Quarter 2-4 2023
  • Decentralized TALAXEUM Platform Launch

Future projects

Quarter 3 2023 - 1 2024
  • Tokenized Carbon Credit Market Place powered by TALAXEUM